Equipment Register

MTsys allows the user to define critical spares, and to control these effectively.

The system will allow the user to associate spares to individual pieces of equipment, and to have equipment specifications readily available.

Critical equipment is flagged within the system, and will appear marked in red on the browse screens.

MTsys Equipment Register allocates unique Equipment Numbers for Traceability.

All equipment is placed in one Register of all tools and items that can be filtered to make searching an item easier.

There is a complete History of ALL Types of jobs conducted on the item associated to the specific equipment.

Multiple Schedules setup per Machine and Tooling.

Job Card Register

You can track the status of all types of job cards.

Job cards are colour coded for quick visual reference.

Capture all the necessary details while raising a job card.

Record all the necessary details while closing a Job Card.

There are various permit formats available.

There are a multitude of Job Card formats to cater for multiple maintenance requirements, which can be amended and added to, including adding pictures, depending on customer requirements.

Within MTsys you can Raise, View and Close Job Cards from one screen.

There is a maintenance pack register for building multiple service work instructions which print on Job Cards.

Where a Safety Permit is a requirement, the system will generate the safety permit automatically.

There are a variety of permit formats available within MTsys making it simple to generate the required permit.

Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance Pack Register for building multiple service Work Instructions which print on Job Cards.

Unlimited Service Work Instructions per Service.

Multiple Schedule Types per job category.

Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance.

MTsys gives you access to the following Maintenance Schedules:

• Fixed Date Based Schedule

• Auto Floating Date Based Schedule

• Unit Based Schedule

• Self Adjusting Visual Indication Schedule

• Counter Based Schedules for Forklifts and Compressor’s

• Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Schedule’s

Engineering Stores

Register of all Spares and Critical Spares kept in house including the details of the material.

Spares issued to current Job Cards providing traceability of spare usage.

Spares from suppliers booked into the Engineering Store Providing traceability of spares ordered and received.

Spares and Direct Purchase Requisitions generated by the system.

Control and tracking of In-House Spares and External Direct Purchases.

MTsys's Engineering Stores module has the following features:

• Multiple Reports Available

• Requisition by Job Card

• Supplier Listing

• Stock Report

• Re-Order Report

• Spares issued by Period

• Direct Purchases by Period

• Spares Performance Report for Better Stock Control

• And many more…

Module Specific Reporting

Data analysis reports specific to each module, Export reports to excel and PDF formats.

The reporting capabilities of the MTsys Software System are extensive, from the various features to the selection of reports available within the system.

Accessing Reports within MTsys you will have access to the following features:

• Run various Filter options on the required Report

• Export Reports to Excel to build your own report or PDF for easy Mailing

• Analytical Reports available in a Summary (Graphical representation) or Detailed formats


Capture of production data to formulate Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Overall Asset Effectiveness and Total Effective Equipment Productivity.

Capture Figures Easily:

• Long Method and Short Method can be used

• The Utilisation, Availability and performance are calculated using the hours booked, units produced and cycle times assigned to equipment/product/process definitions

Maintenance Management System



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